New balcony Nordsøen Oceanarium Hirtshals

January 30th, 2017

Here is some photo from the new balcony situated in Hirtshals. The design is using maritime references with the shiplike shape.

The materials reflects the industrial character of Hirtshals harpour with steel beam and wood deck.

EUC Sjælland tech university

September 18th, 2014

We have in 3 location in Køge, Næstved created new facilities both as extension rebuilt spaces.

Here is the new facilities in Køge seen from the main entrance

The interior spaces before and after the project

Here is the new painters workshop in Næstved

and the latest project is a auto workshop also in Næstved

Tivoli Mountain opened here season 2014

September 18th, 2014

Together with Jonathan Gress Wright from Tivoli the task of making a mountain in the middle of Copenhagen is completed.

The mountain under construction seen from the Tivoli garden

The contrast between the outside world and Tivoli

Here seen from the Central station with the light design by Jonathan

Seen from the garden

Waterfall  integrated into the design

So the 100 years birthday of the Tivoli Woodencoaster is celebrated by this new mountains.

Tivoli Copenhagen: A new mountain landscape in relation to the wooden rollercoaster 100 years birthsday

November 10th, 2013

Design and development of the project: A New mountain in Tivoli Copenhagen.

The project is designed in collaboration with Jonathan Wright Gress from Tivoli development.


First design sketch of the rock landscape inspired by the alpine mountains.

3D model of the design with 2 mountain peaks.

We have worked with the design both in scale models and 3D.

The first 3D test of structure and a 25 meter waterfall, view taken from the 3D model.

First part of the vertical rock landscape with the canterlever structure at the corner.

We have choosen the German specialist firm in rock design KAGO and Hammerscmidt as contractor and the final project will be completed in april 2014.



Sketches: New national Library in Prag

August 31st, 2013

While going through the old competition files we found this project, which still has some features that is OK.

The idea of a core of knowlegde, the book storage as a core and all the research and public spaces like dynamic circles around it.

This generate the dynamic of a twister which are used in the design of the Library.

Villa design new

August 31st, 2013

EUC Køge Vocational college 2013 -14

June 13th, 2013

This Project is a extension and interior design chance of the EUC Sjælland /Køge which is a vocational college with about 2500 students. is houses the basic vocational educations and also higher technical studies.

This is a part of the future Campus Køge where SRL have made the preliminary skechtes fore the lay-out of the campus.

The design of the new EUC college is made with inspiration in the vocational skills and are designed as visible structures. this here is the main steel construction which will be visible inside the lectures rooms

Here is the lecture room under construction but the steel beams and the ceiling will be a part of the design

the steel structure with the first part of the facade

All the interior design are made in the style with visible structure and a blend between coloured elements and steel.

The construction will be completed throughout summer 2013 until early spring 2014


Campus Køge

March 22nd, 2012

Campus Køge will in the future house 6000 – 8000 students fra commerce, trade, craftman, auto and heath educations.

There are allready 2500 student and 3 institutions in Campus Køge but in next 4 years there will be built 4 more and extension of exisisting functions.

The location is but the freeway that connect with rest of Denmark and Europe, a trafical centre and there will be the new highspeed train tracks connecting Denmark.  A highly dynamic area which is mirrored into the design of Campus with the central building circular design.

First layout on  the location of the new institutions in the campus organized around a central buildning with studentfacilities, exhibition, library, meetingrooms and social space and café.

Here is the one of the first sketches by SRL  of the space in the streets.

First sketch by SRL about the relation between brigdes, amfi stairs and the possible interaction between there different levels in the campus.

The first sketch by SRL of the green common the connects the institution and gives a great potential to implement outdoor activities.


Here is a view of the central hall  which is designed as a dynamic structure that connects all the institutions in the Campus.

Here is a view from the central public area around the campuscentre.

 A view of the green commons that connects the landscape between the functions in the campus



Road and brigdemuseum Denmark exhibition

January 6th, 2012

The new exhibition fore the danish national road and brigdemuseum was opened summer 2011 and is the 1 phase of a larger project.  The starting point fore the design has been to create an interior which took the design of the white stribes of pedestian crossing and transformed this into a interior experience. On the crossing linie different interactive installation are situated which tells stories from the road and brigde history of Denmark.

This is the first designsketches of the exhibitionarea where each installation both have interactive/media element but also a design inspired by inventory seen on roads.


Here is the mainspace with the view towards the landscape and the floor as a pedestian crossing.

Here is one of the larger sculptural elements which is a combination between a kids playarea in the tunnels and information printet on the box.

walls of signes were the signage used on the road are a part of the storytelling.

Here is large poster of historic roaddesign used as a part of the exhibition.


There is 3 combination of design and interactivity and the content is made in collaboration with the Asta Experience and Portaplay.

Woodhouse Tivoli

January 5th, 2012

Design of  a new food court in Tivoli in collaboration with Tivoli designer Jonathan Wright Gress.  The starting point fore the concept has been to create a buildning which blends into the park and trees of tivoli. Therefore the materiales are shinkles of cedar and steel combined with flower and green elements.

Birdeye design view of the building structure with new balconies and terraces.

The green element of the buildning on the roof, facade and front of the balcony.

The is Woodhouse seen from the fountainarea

The materiales are cedar, and green element with the contrast in glassrailing and steel stairs.

The transition between the lounge ambience of the terrace and the Tivoli garden. the supporting steel structure of the balcony as a integrated part of the design.


Here the 3D designview from the interior and the built stair situated in the central space